Recycled Functional Yarn
Eco Friend Fibe <small>FONPES</small>

Eco Friend Fibe FONPES


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Soft Handfeel

Comfort Stretch Fiber

Comfort Stretch Fiber X-PANSE

Through the special process, the elasticity and stretch of a single polyester fiber is improved, resulting in a lightweight and comfortable fabric with a good dyeing effect that can be recycled and is environmentally sustainable.

  • Comfortable & Stretchable
  • Other cross-sectional features can be included
  • With high and medium hollow structure, the fabric is more comfortable and insulated
  • Surface area is increased for quick moisture transfer
Anti-see-through Fiber

Anti-see-through Fiber SEELESS

The fiber is added with special medium, using special shaped cross-section, which allows light to diffuse on the surface of the fiber to achieve an anti-see-through effect.

  • The special fiber cross-section scatters and absorbs light, making the fiber anti-see-through effect. The larger surface area allows sweat to evaporate quickly, keeping the skin cool and comfortable.
  • Special medium is added to make the fiber have the effect of anti-ultraviolet.
  • Through elastic compounding, the fiber has good elasticity.

UV-Resistant Fiber <small>Uvade</small>

UV-Resistant Fiber Uvade

Adding special inorganic powder into the fiber to block and absorb ultraviolet rays at the same time, to achieve a better anti-UV function even if the weight and thickness are reduced.

  • Outstanding anti-UV performance to effectively block UVA and UVB in different bands.
  • Quick dry and strong breathability to keep the skin cool at any time
Quick Dry Fiber <small>THERAIN</small>

Quick Dry Fiber THERAIN

The hydrophilic modified polyester combined with the "8-slot" cross section spinning technology to enable an ultra-fast moisture absorption, diffusion, evaporation superior to the traditional quick dry yarn.

  • Moisture absorption and quick dry: to absorb sweat / moisture and accelerate evaporation to keep body dry and comfortable.
  • Cozy hand-feel: soft, moisture absorption and breathable with a good elasticity, draping and excellent bulkiness and resilience.
Anti-bacterial Fiber <small>SANITAR</small>

Anti-bacterial Fiber SANITAR

In the spinning process, inorganic antibacterial agents are added to fiber. The "rod-like" crystal structure of active zinc oxide has more surface defects and can generate runaway electrons, which can catalyze oxygen and water molecules in the air to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can be adsorbed to the surface of bacteria, thus destroying the cell wall and cell membrane structure of the bacteria and inducing the death of the bacteria.


  • Antibacterial fibers can inhibit the growth of bacteria, so as to protect the body from invasion by bacteria.
  • Long-lasting antibacterial property, and long-term efficacy in resisting and killing bacteria.
  • Good washability.

Pure White Fiber <small>PEARLI-CHROME</small>

Pure White Fiber PEARLI-CHROME

Through the special process, the fiber has high anti-oxidation capacity;B value is reduced by 70%, and whiteness value is increased by 4%,Fibers are whiter and do not fluoresce.

Flame-Retardant Fiber <small>AVERT</small>

Flame-Retardant Fiber AVERT

Phosphorous series the 3rd monomer was added in chemical regeneration polymerization, to enable fibers with permanent flame retardant effect.

  • Permanent flame retardancy, free from washing and friction impact.
  • High safety, good flame retardancy, not easy to ignite and won’t produce toxic and harmful gases while burning.
  • Polymer modified type without affecting the dyeing property and hand-feel.
Three Different Fiber

Three Different Fiber MULTIPLEX

The special spinning process enables each fiber to have the characteristics of different fineness, different cross-section, and different boiling water shrinkage, so as to achieve wool-like and silk-like effects.

  • Unique Style, Soft & Delicate.
  • Moisture Wicking & Breathable.
Bamboo Fiber <small>DEW DROPS</small>

Bamboo Fiber DEW DROPS

The fiber is manufactured through a special spinning and drawing process, with irregular elongation and boiling water shrinkage, and the resulting fabric has a chic style.

  • Bamboo effect, strong three-dimensional effect, concave ‒ convex effect.
  • Outstanding pattern, unique style, which can be applied to winter and summer fabrics.
Insulated Fiber

Insulated Fiber

The fiber is manufactured through a special process and has a structure with a hollowness of ≥20%. The fabric is soft, comfortable and warm.

Berber Fleece
The fiber has different structural properties through spinning and other processes, and the subsequent processing makes it have similar touch and warmth properties as wool.
High Shrinkage Fiber <small>SHRINK-PLUS</small>

High Shrinkage Fiber SHRINK-PLUS

The 3rd monomer was added in chemical regeneration polymerization, to enable fibers with high boiler water shrinkage;When used alone, it can enhance fabric density, and windproof, down proof, water-repellent and 
breathable effect.

When compounded with fine denier fibers or reduced open-fiber microfiber to form a differential shrinkage yarn,which is applicable in suede and fluffy fabrics, and comes with a fine cotton feel, and to avoid flying fur.
Low-melting Fiber

Low-melting Fiber EUTECTIC

The 3rd and 4th components are added for copolymerization modification during close loop polymerization, so the melting point is lower than that of conventional poly. It can be hot-pressed and ironed into memory shape, which is energy-saving, non-toxic, easy care, and durable after wash.

  • Excellent thermal bonding performance, can be applied to the one-step forming of footwear fabrics by hot pressing without glue, free from harmful solvents volatilization.
  • Can be set with simple heat treatment, with lasting shape memory. 
  • Mixing with other fibers can stabilize the fabric structure, improve wear resistance and pilling resistance. 
  • Eazy care and wash durable.