Cyclone cares deeply not just in the
product we make, but also in those who
help us make the product.

Creating a better
working environment
All facilities also comply to workplace regulations with
reasonable working hours and provide a safe environment
without bias or discrimination.
  • Accomodations
    At Cyclone, we provide complimentary meals and accommodation for every employees with all necessary amenities available in our employee housing complexes.
    Competitive Salaries
    We know that competitive salaries matter. Our company work hard to ensure competitive pay and benefits align or exceeds industry standards.
  • Career Development
    We encourage everyone at Cyclone to challenge themselves, to show how much they can grow and how far they can go. Training programs are available to assist you to progress in your skillsets and advance your career.
    At Cyclone, we provide free shuttle buses to work, employees have access to our Insurance and Housing Fund along with various holidays and attendance bonuses.