Status of Chemical Fiber Regeneration

China, as the world's largest producer and consumer of textiles and clothing, consumes a large amount of textile materials every year while also producing a large number of waste textiles. The traditional production process requires a large amount of resources, with a great negative impact on the environment. Only by promoting transformation and innovation, and improving the closed-loop recycling rate, can we drive textile and apparel industry to the road of sustainable development. At present, in the waste textile recycling methods, the chemical method of recycling can realize the closed-loop circulation.
Cyclone’s Chemical Recycling Technology
Cyclone actively practices the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the National Dual-Carbon Strategy. Since 2013, Cyclone has been cooperating with research institutes and textile universities to explore chemical and mechanical recycling technologies, including installing R&D equipment, setting up R&D center, and keep innovating independently, which has gradually taken shape:
This is a brand new attempt, we collect waste textiles that are originally difficult to be degraded, depolymerize the high polymers contained in waste polyester textiles into polymeric monomers or polymeric intermediates, after purification, separation, repolymerization and melt-spinning, to get chemical recycled fibers.
Quality of Chemical Recycled Products
The quality and performance of chemical recycled fibers is comparable to that of virgin fibers, avoiding waste of resources and reducing carbon emissions, protecting our environment. We are building a new sustainable ecosystem of “from fiber to fiber, from clothes to clothes”.
Multiple Channels of Recycling
school uniforms
corporate uniforms
brand franchised store
community donations
factory scraps
We mainly recycle waste textiles from school uniforms, corporate uniforms, community donations and factory scraps and other used textiles. In the future, we will continue to broaden the recycling channels and try to increase the reusage rate.
International Quality Certification
As an industry leader in the production of recycled and sustainable products, our recycled fibers are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, helping to achieve sustainable development target and appealing to those who value the environment. Our recycled fiber products have received the following international certifications:
Products Application
Our recycled fiber products are widely used in automotive interiors, home textiles, brand footwear, high-end apparel and many other fields. In line with the trend of circular economy, we not only use advanced chemical regeneration technology to give a new life to used textiles, but also satisfy the key demands of fabric functionality, aesthetics, durability and sustainability.
Carbon Foot-print

Every year, 52,000 tons of waste polyester textiles are recycled by Cyclone.


Saving nearly 156,000 tons of oil per year, equivalent to the consumption of 87,000 cars.


Reduces CO2 emissions by nearly 187,000 tons per year, equivalent to the carbon absorption of 100,000 trees in one year.

Our Expectations

We have met many like-minded friends in the field of recycled fibers, and we also hope that in the days to come, we will meet more enterprises interested in environmental protection, and establish a partnership that trusts mutually, so that we can foster a new cycle of green fibers and allow more waste materials to be recycled and reused.

Let’s join hands to protect our planet and promote the cyclical and sustainable development of environment.