Ecological Crisis

Plastics have brought us convenience, but in the meantime, we have developed a habit of dependency on plastic. The wastefulness of our society has caused a stockpile of discarded plastic that has a profoundly negative impact on our environment. Even in the most remote places in the world, there are still traces of plastic to be found.
New clothes are produced at phenomental rates each year and it will continue to grow, which causes an increasingly severe environmental pollution year by year.


Cyclone wants to be a driving force of change and set an example for others to follow, showing that there are better solutions to existing problems. We aim to be the leader in the fashion and textile industry, inspiring others to make a change.
Cyclone possesses its own recycling teamof specialists with dedicated facilities tomanage the separation and classificationof each incoming material.
We invest heavily on our wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to clean wastewater and minimize our impact on the environment.
We follow strict national regulations in regards to ourwastewater treatment across all facilities, staying true to our company ethos of creating a sustainable operation - from start to end of each level production.

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