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About Cyclone

Located in the beautiful south-east coast of China which is the home of the famous goddess Mazu from Putian, Fujian province, Fujian Cyclone Science & Technology CO.,Ltd covers an area of 602,000 square meters, with 660,000 square-meter construction areas.It is a high-tech manufacturer of recycled green fibers featured in high quality, differentiation and functionality. 

Cyclone is being equipped with recycled polyester producing line and auxiliary producing equipments to guarantee the products are eco-friendly. After the whole project finished, the annually producing capacity will come to 300,000 tons. All these green polyesters can be used to spin and draw texturing to make differential filament yarns & staple fibers such as porous heteromorphy, fine denier, functionality and colorful type.
Taking the advantage of gradually reduction and final discontinued using of fossil fiber by the top international sport brands, using waste bottles as raw materials, CYCLONE dissolves them into molecular level by alcoholysis and then manufactures green fibers, which could save non-renewable petroleum resources, reduce environment pollution, benefit the sustainable development of the industry and increase the market acceptance and the demand of the products.”

CYCLONE products include recycled polyester filament yarn, recycled polyester color yarn, recycled composite yarn and recycled functional yarn, etc.